Why a Retreat?

Retreats provide a way to deeply explore the experiences of sustained mindfulness practice. Held in silence and relative simplicity, a retreat can open a space for you to connect with and learn from your inner life. Emphasizing mindfulness meditation in its most universal expression, all of our retreats programs are residential and are led by skilled MBSR teachers.

For those interested in training to teach MBSR, a retreat is a required pre-requisite. While we hope you can attend one of our retreats, we also know that scheduling and locations can present challenges. So, we offer the following (alphabetical) listing of retreat centers whose retreats can be taken to fulfil the retreat pre-requisites for aspiring MBSR teacher trainees.

Retreats are available through the Mindfulness Center at Brown or from the centers below. 

Boundless Way Zen Center, Worcester, MA, USA

Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, Castle Rock, WA, USA

Dharma Retreats, Toronto, CA

Gaia House, Devon, England

Karme Choling, Barnet, VT, USA

Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA, USA

San Francisco Zen Center, San Francisco, CA, USA

Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, USA

Spirit Fire Retreat Center, Leyden, MA

Spirit Rock, San Francisco, CA, USA

True North Insight, Ottawa & Montreal, Ontario & Quebec, Canada

Zen Center of San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA

Zen Community of Oregon, Clatskanie, OR, USA