Global Mindfulness Collaborative

Global Mindfulness Collaborative

The Global Mindfulness Collaborative is comprised of many of the world’s leading and well-established MBSR educational and training institutions. Coming together to realize a shared vision and dedicated to human flourishing, these organizations demonstrate a trustworthy level of commitment to the underpinnings of MBSR, professional training to become an MBSR teacher, and research. 

The integrity and fidelity of this collaborative are fully expressed in each member. Through continued collaboration and the sharing of curricula, pedagogy and research methodology, the fields of MBSR and mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) are strengthened. The Global Mindfulness Collaborative exemplifies the standards for MBSR and expands the fields of MBSR and other Mindfulness-Based Programs through responsible knowledge translation of research and experiential training in areas that serve health and well-being.

Recognizing the value of diversity and inclusion, along with the important work led by mindfulness-based program teams throughout the world, we are pleased to announce that the Global Mindfulness Collaborative, currently led by the Mindfulness Center at Brown, will become an independent and self-governed organization, while still aligned with the MC@B, on January 1, 2021. For more information about the history, mission and impact of this change, please click here.


Sociedad Mindfulness y Salud

Sociedad Mindfulness y Salud is an long-standing institution dedicated to the practice and teaching of mindfulness in Argentina, with a strong emphasis on mindfulness-based interventions and the integration of mindfulness and compassion in psychotherapy.


Center for Mindfulness Canada

The Center for Mindfulness Canada was founded and is led by Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat. Located in North Vancouver, this Center is dedicated to learning, growth, fostering positive change, nurturing joy, enhancing well-being and mindful living.


The Mindfulness and Well Being Consultancy, Inc.

The Mindfulness and Well-being Consultancy, Inc. is devoted to offering evidence based mindfulness and compassion trainings to individuals, groups, and organizations looking to integrate well-being into lives and careers.

From individual mentoring, teacher trainings, workshops, curriculum development and retreat offerings, we look forward to journeying towards a deeper sense of purpose within yourself and your community.


ATINAT Institute of Mindfulness Training (AIMT)

The ATINAT Institute of Mindfulness Training (AIMT) incorporates the three core elements of mindfulness - ATtention, INtention, ATtitude - in its programs. Our mindfulness training expertise began in 1997 in Hong Kong and 2011 in Mainland China. Supported by mindfulness practice and evidence-based approaches, we aim to bring Mindfulness-Based Programs to China and Chinese speaking communities, to inspire well-being, and to discover and nourish one's potential for emotional and physical health.


The Danish Center for Mindfulness

The Danish Center for Mindfulness mission is to provide training in mindfulness and compassion with scientific evidence. We work with participants suffering from stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety, PTSD and depression and with nonclinical populations in school, education, and workplace. Our research has demonstrated that MBSR may reduce healthcare costs and people with low social and economic resources can benefit from MBSR.  We are engaged in professional education leading to teacher certification. We have increasingly invested our work in trying to make training in mindfulness and compassion available to more people, especially people with diverse cultural, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. 


Center for Mindfulness (CFM), Finland Oy

Center for Mindfulness (CFM), Finland Oy has grown to be the largest establishment providing  a unique selection of mindfulness-based trainings, courses and retreats in Finland. Our well rooted international contacts, long experience and high quality standards make us the most competent provider of mindfulness in Finland.


The Association pour le Développement de la Mindfulness (ADM)

The Association pour le Développement de la Mindfulness (ADM) promotes and disseminates mindfulness as a means toward better health and living, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), MBCT(Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) and other Mindfulness-Based Programs. Many of these programs, including MBSR, have been scientifically validated.


Center for Mindfulness (CFM), Germany

Center for Mindfulness (CFM), Germany is a growing provider, offering  a unique selection of mindfulness-based trainings, courses and retreats. Our well rooted international contacts, long experience and high quality standards make us one of the most competent provider of mindfulness in Germany.


Korea Center for Mindfulness (KCFM)

An Awakened, Beautiful, and Compassionate World Together

The Korea Center for Mindfulness (KCFM) was founded in 2005 by Dr. Heyoung Ahn. KCFM is dedicated to practicing and teaching mindfulness as a means for bringing it to the mainstream Korean society. Learning to draw on the wisdom tradition and modern medicine, the KCFM is committed to serving as an aware and kind creative space to investigate and teach mindfulness to meet the stress, pain, and illness of the world for learning, growing, healing and wellbeing. Its vision and mission center around one indivisible core phrase, "An Awakened, Beautiful, and Compassionate World Together."


Motus Mundi

Motus Mundi mission is to create a mindful society, and to promote a deep and authentic well-being. Founded in 2003, MotusMundiis committed to develop mindfulness in the society in the field of health-care, education and corporate world. MotusMundioffers international MBSRtraining programs, workshops and silent retreats for MBSRteachers, trained and in training.


Instituto Mexicano de Mindfulness

Since 2003, Instituto Mexicano de Mindfulness is dedicated to the development and implementation of Mindfulness-Based interventions, professional training and research, including MBSR, with the aim of promoting health and well-being across different sectors of society such as healthcare, institutions and education. The Institute has led and collaborated in research projects and professional training in different countries in Latin America, as well as the United States and Germany.



Nirakara is a Scientific Society dedicated to the Research, Education and Training in Cognitive Sciences. We develop, teach and train in different MBIs(Mindfulness-based Interventions) and in particular MBSR as a means of wholesome impact in clinical, educational, social and professional contexts.

United States

Mindfulness Teacher Trainers Alliance - MTTA

Established in the integrity, generosity, and compassion inherent in mindfulness, the Mindfulness Teacher Training Alliance (MTTA) is dedicated to evidence-based mindfulness training and teacher education in service of decreasing suffering and increasing thriving for humanity and the planet. To this end, we aim to increase accessibility to all who seek to learn, reducing geographic, cultural and systemic barriers to participation.