Lynn Koerbel, MPH

Assistant Professor of the Practice, Assistant Director, MBSR Teacher Education & Curricula Development


Lynn Koerbel serves as the Assistant Director of MBSR  Teacher Training and Curricula Development at the Mindfulness Center at Brown. She oversees the MBSR teacher-training pathway and other Mindfulness-Based Program curricula.

Pervious to coming to Brown, Lynn was Director of MBSR Teacher Education and Curriculum Development at the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness. In that role, Lynn had the privilege of nurturing hundreds of MBSR teachers and teachers in training, supporting the integrity of the MBSR curriculum and best practices in teaching. 

Prior to her MBSR teaching and training, Lynn spent over 25 years as an integrative bodywork therapist with a focus on supporting individuals who had experienced early trauma and assisting in the integration of the body in healing. This work influenced Lynn’s deep trust in the body’s wisdom, the nature of resilience, the power of presence, and the inspiring human capacity to meet injury, trauma and stress with resources reflecting the inherent wholeness in each person. 

She began meditation in 1986, studying in the non-dual tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. In 2004, interested in reaching those who might best be served by an evidence-based approach, she began teacher training in MBSR. 

Lynn Koerbel currently serves on the working committee of the International Mindfulness Integrity Network, a global initiative establishing international standards for MBP teacher training. Her publications include “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook for Anxiety,” (2013) Meleo-Meyer, F., Stahl, B., and Koerbel, L., New Harbinger press and "The suitability of mindfulness-based stress reduction for chronic hepatitis C." J Holist Nurs 25(4): 265-274; pgs 275-277. Koerbel, L. S. and D. M. Zucker (2007).