Instructions for Accessing the Basic CITI Program

Instructions for Accessing the Basic CITI Program for Brown University

If you have never been certified in the Brown University Education Program in the Protection of Human Research Participants, please follow the instructions below to take the required Basic program. 


  • Go to the CITI home page at
  • Register or Log In
    • New users: If you have never taken the CITI program, please click on the “Register Here” link for new users and fill in steps 1-4.  In Step 1: Choose Brown University as your institution. Continue on with the registration process filling in all of the appropriate personal information.
    • Returning CITI Users: Log in using your previous username and password. Click on the link “Affiliate with another institution.”  Choose Brown University as your institution. 
  • The next page will be the “CITI Course Enrollment Procedures.” Please read the instructions and continue to scroll down to the “CITI Course Enrollment Questions.”
  • Please answer only Question #1.
    1. If you have never taken a human subjects training course before, or do not fit into Group 2 or Group 3 below, choose the first option “Group 1”
    2. If you have taken a course at an affiliated hospital in the past 3 years, and can provide documentation of certification, choose option 2, “Group 2”. 
    3. If you have taken the CITI course at another institution within the past 3 years, and can provide documentation, choose option 3, “Group 3”.
  • Do not make any other selections (additional selections under questions 2 & 3 will force you to complete additional courses that are not required), scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit”.  This will bring you to the main page where you can begin the correct course.  You can log out and re-enter the course as many times as you wish.


CITI will notify us automatically once the program has been successfully completed.  To read more about the Brown University CITI program go to

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you need further assistance.

Research Protection’s Office
Brown University
(401) 863-3050