Administrative Acceptance Process

The Brown HRPP has developed an administrative acceptance process to enable researchers to make administrative changes to approved Expedited and Full Board studies without having to submit an amendment. Such changes do not require IRB review; however, the study team's research records still need to align with those maintained by the HRPP.  

Examples of Changes that CAN be Accepted Administratively:

Please see below examples of proposed changes that can be submitted via the Administrative Acceptance Request Form.

  1. Change in any contact information (NO PI/Advisor change)

  2. Updated graphics on a recruitment flyer

  3.  Changes to correct typographical or grammatical errors (NO content changes allowed)

  4. Rearranging approved language on measures/flyers for readability (NO content changes allowed)

  5. Addition of funding if the investigator affirms that the activities described in the grant fully align with the existing IRB protocol​

​Examples of Changes that CANNOT be Accepted Administratively (require an Amendment): 

  1. Addition of any new material, participant population(s), or research site(s)

  2. Any change to the content of approved material

  3. Change to an existing population or research site

  4. Change in compensation

  5. Change in PI

  6. Change in Advisor

  7. Change in study procedures

If your proposed changes are not administrative and modify the content of your study or study documents, please submit the Amendment Request Form to the HRPP for IRB review.

Submission and Review Process

Please complete the Administrative Acceptance Request Form with any updated documents attached as a single PDF and submit to [email protected]. Upon review of your submission, the IRB Specialist will either confirm that the request has been administratively accepted or they will inform you that an Amendment Request Form must be submitted for IRB review if the changes do not qualify for administrative acceptance.