Broader Impacts FAQ

I have an idea, or would like to discuss existing broader impacts programs at Brown. Who should I contact?
You can contact any member of the broader impacts committee and they will help you navigate the programs at Brown.


How soon before my proposal’s due date should I contact the broader impacts committee to discuss my ideas?
It’s best to allow a few weeks to fully develop an idea, to determine what resources exist at Brown to help make your program a success, and to request letters of collaboration, if necessary.


Should I include letters of collaboration for my broader impacts plan?
Yes, NSF and other agencies will be happy to know that the university and your department are supportive of the plan that you have proposed. They will be equally interested to know that the educational and outreach collaborators exist at your university to help the programs become a reality. Don’t underestimate the logistical work and partnerships that it takes to make these programs a success! 


Should I include a budget for my broader impacts component?
Yes, NSF wants to know that you are taking this portion of your proposal seriously, and that you have allocated the appropriate resources to make the program a reality. While there are ways to leverage other Brown programs or federal funds (ex: you might apply for an RET supplement), you should consider including support for your broader impacts plan.

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