Brown University’s Education Program for the Protection of Human Research Participants

All research personnel who are engaged in human subjects research and all IRB members and HRPP staff must be appropriately trained in the protection of human subjects. Research personnel include principal investigators, co-investigators, faculty advisors for student investigators, research assistants, and any research team members who have contact with research participants and/or their research data and identifiers. Brown University uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web-based human research courses to satisfy this requirement for faculty, staff, and students involved in human subjects research.  Initial and continuing education (every 3 years) are required as explained below.  Please read these instructions to learn how to access Brown University’s CITI training modules.

Training must be completed to receive approval for new protocols, amendments, and continuing IRB review of human subjects research. 

Initial Education Requirement

Brown has created three basic customized tracks to ensure that the education you receive is tailored to your research.  Completion of one of the below modules is necessary to satisfy Brown’s requirement for initial human subjects training.  Please complete the track that most closely aligns with your research:

Group 1: Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers

Group 2: Biomedical Researchers

Group 3: Biomedical Data or Specimens-Only Researchers


Certification from a comparable program


Brown now accepts CITI certification, or other comparable program certification, from another institution if it has been completed within the past three years.   Please submit a copy of your completed training certificate.  You will also be required to take the following module in CITI to ensure familiarity with Brown’s policies and procedures:


Group 4: Individuals who have completed a basic CITI program at another institution within the past three years


Additional Modules that do not meet Initial Education Requirement


There are two modules that you may elect to complete in addition to one of the three requisite initial trainings listed above.  These include:


Group 5: HIPAA training for Alpert Medical Students.

Group 6: Good Clinical Practice (U.S. FDA focus)


Each module contains a quiz.  You must receive a minimum score of 80% to pass.


Continued Education / Recertification

Continuing education in human subject protection is required every three years.  If you previously completed your initial education in CITI, the system will automatically notify you that your training is due to expire and will prompt you to complete the required refresher course.  Brown will accept refresher course certification from another institution.

Completing a refresher course will not satisfy the initial training requirement. 

If you have any questions please contact the HRPP at (401) 863-3050 or via email at