Brown University/CITI Education Program in the Protection of Human Research Participants

The new Brown University web-based human research protections education program is now available. CITI, the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, is available at

As of April, 2005, all research personnel involved in human research projects, all IRB Members, and all IRB staff are required to complete this educational program.

Research personnel include principal investigators, co-investigators, faculty advisors for student investigators, research assistants, and any research team members who have contact with research participants and/or their research data and identifiers.

PLEASE NOTE: IRB approval will be contingent upon the PI having successfully completed the program. IRB Form #1 (the protocol coversheet) now includes, and the Progress Report form will be modified to include, a principal investigator certification that all appropriate research staff have been, or will be, properly educated prior to their beginning work on the project.

Certification in the Brown University Program in the Protection of Human Research Participants is valid for three years, at which time the CITI refresher course (continuing education modules) must be completed in order to maintain certification. If your current date of certification is greater than three years ago, please visit the CITI web site and complete the program in order to maintain certification.

If you have any questions please contact our IRB staff at (401) 863-3050 or via email at