Certify & Validate

Investigator Certifications

All Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators designated in a proposal need to certify the proposal in Coeus.


Investigator Certification involves answering a series of questions in an electronic certificate in Coeus which will then be printed, signed and forwarded to the OSP office to be placed in the institutional proposal file.

The electronic certificate within Coeus must be completed in order to submit the proposal through approval routing.


If an Investigator does not have access to Coeus, they will need to print & sign the Investigator Disclosures & Assurances form and submit the form to OSP/BMRA.


Who is Required to Complete Proposal Certifications and COI Disclosures


Investigator Certification Questions Updates


Investigator Certification Guide


Coeus Proposal Validations / / Agency Specific Validations


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