Financial Conflict of Interest

As researchers, innovators, and pioneers, Brown University faculty and investigators engage in a variety of scholarly and academic activities, some of which may take them outside the realm of the University. Research universities encourage interactions and the establishment of relationships between academia and industry. The experience and knowledge gained through outside consulting and service on advisory committees is valued for its synergistic return to research and student training. Real or potential financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) may arise from such collaborations. An FCOI may occur when an outside financial interest compromises or has the appearance of compromising, the professional judgment of a researcher when designing, conducting, or reporting research.


Electronic Conflict of Interest Forms


Brown FCOI Processes

Committed to academic integrity and research objectivity, the University has established annual and ad hoc processes for the reporting and evaluation of research-related significant financial interests, and the identification and management of real or potential FCOI.  These processes are outlined in Brown’s Conflict of Interest Policy



For more information, please contact  Juliane Blythe, Associate Director of Research Operations with the Office of Research Integrity at (401) 863-3295.

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