OVPR Strategic Plan

The Office of the Vice President for Research supports the aspirations of Brown’s academic leaders and faculty researchers, and doing all that we can to help translate those research aspirations into successful projects that advance knowledge, strengthen Brown’s reputation, and ultimately benefit society. 

Over the past year, we developed a Strategic Plan to articulate our goals for advancing research at Brown.  This plan communicates to the entire campus what we are doing and how we believe we can advance research; compels OVPR to examine our current services and processes and constantly strive to better serve the University; and, as a working document, provides a framework for assessing our progress and adjusting our strategies to be more effective in the future. 

We have generated two documents - a “Strategic Plan for the University” that focused on carefully communicating the goals and mission of our Office, and a related “Strategic Implementation Plan” primarily for use within OVPR that focuses on how we are attempting to achieve the broad and ambitious aims we articulated.  We will perform an annual review and update for the Strategic Implementation Plan and monitor progress through the metrics provided.  The implementation of these will occur over the course of the fall semester of 2016 and we anticipate having all in place by January 2017. Please provide feedback to help us improve the effectiveness of our efforts by contacting me or others in OVPR at any time. 

OVPR staff, faculty and research administrators, and senior leaders of the University provided significant input for the Plan, greatly influencing the document developed by the primary planning group of Carleen Brunelli, Associate Vice President for Research, Amy Carroll, Director of Research Development, Katie Gordon, Director of the Technology Ventures Office, Becky Sattel, Director of Finance and Administration, and myself, David Savitz, Vice President for Research.  We received extremely valuable guidance and input from John Braunstein of AKA Strategy.  We are committed to following through and enhancing our trajectory towards enabling Brown to become a leading research university.


David A. Savitz, PhD
Vice President for Research