Will Brown take equity in lieu of cash as part of a licensing agreement with a start-up company?
Yes. Equity is often accepted in lieu of or as partial replacement for upfront payments and/or in partial lieu of royalties. 
Does Brown’s IECV write/help write business plans? What resources are available?
No. However, we will work with faculty interested in becoming involved with a start-up venture and with those in the venture capital community so that a well-constructed business plan can be created. 

Can TVO help find venture capitalists or other sources of funding?
Yes.  IECV maintains contacts and can put faculty in touch with experts who might be willing to fund and manage start-up companies based on Brown technologies. 

What other assistance will IECV provide me?
We can point faculty to local and national resources available for entrepreneurs, such as RI-CIE, groups that provide mentoring, and sources of grant funding such as SBIRs. 

What is IECV's role in dealing with a start-up company?
IECV has the responsibility to determine whether the start-up company has the potential of obtaining sufficient financial and management resources to be capable of vigorous development of the technology to be licensed. 

Am I able to receive equity?
Yes. However, before making any plans or commitments it is a good idea to review Brown’s 2009 conflict of interest policy and work with an experienced business profession and an attorney.

Do you invest money in startups?


For more information on the Industry Engagement and Commerical Venturing at Brown, please contact IECV_patents@brown.edu or (401) 863-7499.