TVO assists faculty with Materials Transfer Agreements (MTAs), enabling investigators to get rapid access to materials and transfer materials to others, while ensuring that the parties’ rights are fully protected.


An MTA is a written contract between a provider and a recipient of research material. The parties to the contract may be between academic, government, and commercial organizations. The sharing of research products is critical to continuing progress in science, and we work expeditiously to rapidly turn around these agreements which protect the rights of the different parties with regard to publication, freedom of research, confidentiality, and intellectual property. TVO negotiates and signs these agreements on behalf of Brown.


Outgoing Materials

If you are a Brown researcher interested in sending materials to an outside non-profit entity: submit a Brown outgoing Material Transfer Agreement Form to your contact from the party requesting material. If all the MTA provisions are acceptable to an outside entity and the form is signed, please sign as a “Provider Scientist” and submit to, along with the contact person’s information (name and e-mail address) for a final prosecution. We will submit a fully executed copy to an outside entity and cc you. We will do negotiation if needed. 
For for-profit entities, submit your request to

Receiving materials from either a non-profit or a for-profit organization – if you are interested in receiving materials from either a non-profit or a for-profit organization and have received a draft MTA or are interested in initiating the process, please fill out this brief questionnaire and send to TVO as outlined.  If you have received a draft please send it along to TVO at

For further information on MTAs, please contact Margaret Shabashevich in the Technology Ventures Office at 401-863-7922.