Often a technology or new invention is best commercialized by starting a new company and licensing the related invention/patents to the start-up. Brown’s Office of Industry Engagement and Commercial Venturing (IECV) will work with faculty members to determine whether this is the best path forward, considering factors such as the faculty’s interests, potential for raising funds, pathway to the marketplace, the business plan, and alternative pathways for commercializing the invention. An additional consideration for the faculty member and the university is compliance with the Brown University Conflict of Interest Policy.


For startup companies started by faculty, staff or students where the invention or technology is covered by Brown University intellectual property policy, ownership will reside with Brown and the startup company will require a license to the intellectual property. This would be obtained by negotiation with IECV.


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For more information, please contact the Industry Engagement and Commercial Venturing at [email protected] or (401) 863-7499.