Equipment as defined by Brown University, is tangible, non-expendable, personal property having an anticipated useful life of one year or more and having a unit acquisition cost of $5,000 or greater.  The acquisition cost is the net invoice unit price of the property including the cost of modification, attachments, accessories or auxiliary apparatus necessary to make the  property  usable  for  its  intended  purpose.   Ancillary charges, such as taxes, duty, protective in-transit insurance, freight, and installation will be included in the overall costs if these charges are listed on the same invoice.  *Spare or replacement parts, regardless of cost, will be classified as supplies.  This definition applies to all equipment borrowed long-term, purchased, or received as a gift or donation.

Any asset satisfying the definition of equipment will be charged to one of the following spend categories in WorkDay

Equipment (4010)

Scientific Equipment (4012)

Furniture (4020)

Computer Hardware >=$5K (4030)

Vehicles (4040)

Instructional (4055)

Fabricated Part (4080)

Component Part (4090)

A. Memory Upgrades

If an item of capitalized, inventoried equipment is undergoing an upgrade, the cost of the upgrade, regardless of dollar value, is added to the   existing   value   of   the   equipment.    All   memory   upgrades   to equipment should be charged to the spend category, Computer Hardware >=$5K (4030). Reference the base asset tag number on your purchase requisition.

B. Component Parts

A component part adds a new dimension to an existing piece of capitalized, inventoried equipment and increases the value or useful life of the item being enhanced. The component part must have a useful life of one year or more and be permanently attached. Reference the base asset tag number on your purchase requisition.

Equipment, including the Biennial Property Inventory is managed by the Controller’s Office beginning July 1, 2016.