Managing an Award Classes Offered

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Allocations of Costs

This session will focus on the costing principle of allocability; including the basic principles of allocation of costs and why it is necessary to properly document allocation methodologies.  Guidelines for preparing and documenting allocation methodologies will be presented.  Examples of appropriate allocation methodologies will be shared and case studies will be presented.  Participants are encouraged to bring examples of allocation issues to the session for discussion.


This workshop will discuss the importance of effectively managing and tracking effort commitments within the parameters of the sponsor's requirements and University policy. Topics that will be discussed include:  Cost sharing obligations related to proposed voluntary or mandatory commitments,  Reductions of effort commitments,  Sponsor imposed salary caps and  summer effort. Bring your questions for group discussion.  A calculator is required.

Cost Transfers

This workshop will provide an in-depth review of the University's Cost Transfer Policy and related procedures for processing cost transfers.  Specific attention will be paid to federal regulations pertaining to cost transfers, the cost transfer form and other appropoiate supporting documentation, and best practices for mitigating cost transfers.  Participants will leave the workshop well suited to process necessary cost transfers in a manner that complies with all University and sponsor rules and regulations.

Direct Charging of Administrative Costs

This workshop will discuss administrative costs and provide examples of when such costs can be charged directly to sponsored projects.  Guidance will be offered on justifications for charging administrative costs as direct costs.  Participants are encouraged to offer examples of administrative cost issues they have encountered.  Gain a better understanding of what costs are properly charged as direct costs to sponsored projects by attending this workshop.

Effort Reporting

This workshop will discuss the effort reporting process, the importance of effort reporting within parameters of federal regulations and University policy, effort reporting best practices, and the future of effort reporting at Brown. Additional effort reporting topics that will be discussed include: Cost Sharing, Summer Salaries, Cost Transfers, Committed Effort, and NIH Salary Cap. Bring your questions for group discussion. A calculator is required. Prerequisite: Post Award - Commitments.

Financial Closeout of Sponsored Projects

This workshop will offer an in-depth review of the financial closeout process for sponsored programs.  Specific areas of focus will be: understanding the elements of the rough draft financial package, how to correctly provide adjustments to reported expenditures and the underlying assumptions behind the post audit review of expenses.  This training will culminate in a hands-on exercise that will work through the closeout process for an award.

Supporting Documentation and Justification

This workshop explains OSP's review of transactions and discusses required documentation and complete justifications for transactions.  Examples of both complete and incomplete transactions will be reviewed.  Participants are encouraged to offer their own examples of problematic transactions for discussion and resolution with the group.  Avoid unnecessary delays in processing your transactions by attending this workshop.

Traveling on Sponsored Funds

This workshop provides an overview of the requirements that apply to travel reimbursements when charged to a sponsored award. You will learn 1) what to consider before charging travel expenses to a sponsored account 2) the documention required 3) what OSP staff consider when reviewing a travel expense report and 4) additional considerations that apply to foreign travel. Avoid unnecessary delays in processing your travel reimbursements by attending this workshop.