Coeus is the University's research administration application developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Office of Sponsored Programs and implemented by the University in April 2006. The system centralizes stored information about proposals, protocols, awards, and subawards and is the system of record for all research activities for the University. In addition, it contains primary features for Proposal Electronic Submission, IACUC Protocol Electronic Submission, and IRB View Protocol.

Coeus has two interfaces:

  • Coeus Premium - Full featured application which allows users to prepare and view proposal funding applications and then route the completed applications for internal approval. In addition, it has full functionality to complete special requirements of a proposal and submit the proposal to
  • Coeus Lite - Web-based version of Coeus which allows users to electronically prepare and route proposals and IACUC protocols for submission, as well as view IRB Protocols.

If you encounter a technical issue or error in Coeus, please submit a Coeus/InfoEd Support ticket