IRB Submission Review Time

Use of [email protected] for Recruitment

New Faculty / staff onboarding program

"One Application" Policy

IRB Submission Review Time

HRPP is currently reviewing:

  • exempt submissions received on May 14th, 2019*

  • amendment submissions received on June 11th, 2019*

  • expedited submissions received on May 20th, 2019*

  • new IAAs received on July 11th, 2019*

  • IAA amendments received on July 11th, 2019*

*Current submission dates will be updated weekly on Fridays*

Protocol reviews are prioritized as follows:

  • All progress reports are prioritized based on expiration date to ensure approval does not lapse. 
  • Protocols that must be reviewed due to impending funding (e.g., at Just-in-Time) will always be prioritized over other submissions in the review queue. Please note in your email submission "Priority Protocol: Funding" when submitting such a protocol to the IRB email inbox.
[email protected] for Recruitment

The HRPP is pleased to announce a new resource for human subjects research recruitment! Effective immediately, solicitations through [email protected] for human subjects research recruitment are permitted for Brown research faculty if the study is supported by sponsored funding and has IRB approval to use this recruitment procedure. Exempt studies are excluded from this opportunity at this time as we assess total volume of requests and subsequent impact on our partners in University Communications.

  • For existing studies, you must submit an amendment to add use of [email protected] as a new recruitment procedure.

  • For new studies, describe your intent to use [email protected] just as you would any other recruitment method in your IRB application.

After approval by the IRB, investigators who wish to use [email protected] must:

  • obtain a letter from the HRPP affirming that the IRB/HRPP has approved the use of [email protected] as a recruitment tool for a specific study; and
  • e-mail the approval letter to [email protected] on the same day as their submission to [email protected]; and
  • include the following copy in the [email protected] submission message: “Use of [email protected] for recruiting participants has been approved by Brown’s Human Research Protection Program.”

ORI's Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement program is pleased to announce a new onboarding offering for new faculty conducting human subjects research and their support staff. These one-on-one, in-person on-boarding sessions provide hands-on orientation to the HRPP’s/IRB’s website, forms, processes and policies. The goal is to facilitate a more efficient and timely IRB application review and approval process. These sessions can also be provided to new research teams and are not limited to one-on-one; if a new faculty member is onboarding to Brown, but still at another institution, this offering can also be provided via phone or Zoom. Contact Christiana Provencal, QA/QI Administrator, to schedule a session!


The HRPP is pleased to announce that we will begin transitioning to a "one IRB-approved application" approach. Gone will be the days of trying to piece together which version of your application is the most recently IRB-approved version!

Starting with the November Full Board IRB protocols, the HRPP is instituting the one-application policy. In accordance with Title 45 CFR 46.115 (Health and Human Services, IRB Records) and Title 21 CFR 56.115 (Food and Drug Administration, IRB Records), the IRB-approved protocol should reflect current study procedures with all modifications included. Every Brown University research study will maintain a single, active application that incorporates all IRB-approved amendments. Any changes to an approved application will now be made via "track changes" (in Word) or highlighted (in Adobe Acrobat), and integrated directly into the protocol document upon IRB approval. Stay tuned for further details as we continue to roll out this process for all new protocols and protocols with a limited number of amendments!