The Coeus Grants management system was implemented at the University in 2006 to manage the lifecycle of sponsored projects and components of compliance tracking.  Currently the system is used for Proposal submission and review, proposal and award tracking, IRB protocol tracking and IACUC Protocol submission.  In 2014,  the Coeus vendor was replaced by a new product, Kuali Coeus and at that time it was determined that there were deficiencies with the product and it would not meet our needs to have an integrated, more robust research administration system.

The process to select a replacement for Coeus, as well as a system with additional functionality around compliance, consisted of establishing a vendor selection committee of  stakeholders and subject matter experts within Brown’s research community; reviewing and evaluating five Research Administration systems; conversing with peer institutions, and conducting functional and technical assessments of each system.  As a result of this process, it was determined thatInfoEd research administration and compliance software was the best solution for Brown.   

The recommendation for InfoEd was largely based on the unanimous preference by the selection committee for a fully integrated research administration and compliance system.  In addition, InfoEd has a lead in functionality that directly faces faculty and departmental end-users.  It offers configurable portals and dashboards, a dynamic budget development and management tool, and a transparent view to an end user’s portfolio and related tasks.  In addition, the InfoEd product was considered to be the easiest to adapt to and the most intuitive.

About InfoEd

InfoEd Global is the world’s leading provider of software to support Electronic Research Administration.  Worldwide, more leading research institutions, universities, and corporations have chosen the InfoEd Solution to realize cost savings, improve data integrity, streamline administrative processes, and accelerate compliance, than any other eRA software.  InfoEd represents a comprehensive, fully integrated collection of software applications specifically designed to reduce the cost, time, and inefficacy that confront today’s research offices.  For more information on InfoEd, see InfoEd Website.

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