The following is important information for all regarding both addition and removal of users’ access to Coeus:

As you bring on new hires and others take advantage of early retirement this year, their Coeus system access must be handled properly via an Access ticket to add or remove them. 

If you have early retirees leaving your department this year and they previously had Coeus system access, you are required to submit a removal of access ticket to deactivate their system access and remove their role(s).  

If you hire someone new into your department who needs access to use Coeus and roles within the system, they must first have an active appointment in Workday before you submit a Coeus access ticket. Once their appointment has been active in Workday for 1 business day, you can submit an Access request ticket for them. 

  1. Visit the Brown OIT Service Center’s ‘Submit a request’ page here.

  2. Be sure to provide details in the subject of your ticket. Please include the user name and whether this is to add or remove access or roles. (If this is a deactivation and/or removal of roles, please also add that to the ‘Message’ text box before submitting your ticket.)

  3. From the ‘Department’ dropdown list, choose ACCESS Request.

  4. Next choose from the next dropdown ‘COEUS Access Request’

  5. Fill out the remainder of the ticket fields accordingly. 

  6. Check your Subject line details and your Message text box details. 

  7. Click Submit. 

Please do not submit a single ticket as a bulk request for multiple users as your ticket may be returned to you and it will delay your request.  You will then need to enter individual tickets for each user before the requests can be processed. (One ticket per user allows proper, required audit tracking of users of the Coeus system.) 

Please submit one ticket per user access request- whether to add or remove access and roles. Removal/deactivation tickets are handled as quickly as possible, normally in the same business day submitted.  (If a user is terminated from Brown, please submit a removal ticket immediately.) Please allow 1-2 business days for processing for Coeus Access tickets adding new access/roles to a new user.