Coeus system training is still available for all your new hires! 
Everything from navigating Coeus, creating a proposal, working on budgets, and creating and managing hierarchy records is available:

  1. Log into Workday and navigate to your Learning worklet. 

  2. Under ‘Learn’, click ‘Search for Available Learning’.

  3. Online courses available:

  • Coeus Premium:  Navigating Proposals & Awards Basics (online course)
  • Coeus Premium:  Create a Proposal Shell (online course)
  • Coeus Premium:  Proposal Budgets (online course)

Other training available on our website via our Coeus Proposal Hierarchy Guide- newly revised for 2021

  • Get the new Coeus Premium Hierarchy Guide here

If you have new hires who work remotely, they can also utilize our guide for Remote work best practices for using Coeus Premium and Coeus Helpdesk.  This guide helps them get up and running with the proper Java version as well as get past some common issues and errors that new users sometimes encounter. 

Your new hires can train at their own pace using the training materials and videos available in Workday Learning and at the RAIS website’s Coeus Proposal Development page.  Current users can also revisit any of these courses and guides for a quick refresher as needed.