System Access Roles:

System access roles allow users to edit/submit protocols and subsequent submissions in InfoEd.

Users may continue to still receive email notifications for protocols that they no longer manage. This most commonly occurs if the user was set up as a delegate for a Principal Investigator (PI). In order to stop these notifications from firing, the user/lab manager/PI must submit a ticket requesting that their delegate and/or any other system roles be deactivated. System roles cannot be removed until a ticket is submitted per university auditing purposes. You can do so by following the below steps: ​

  • Submit a new ticket here
  • Under Department, select ACCESS Request, then INFOED Access Request from the dropdown selections
    Infoed Access Ticket Screenshot.png
  • Complete only the required fields (indicated by an asterisk*) and add a note at the bottom in the Message field explaining your request. An example can be seen below:
    NEW InfoEd deactivation ticket screenshot.png

After the ticket is submitted, it will route to the appropriate OIT and RAIS teams to take action. You will receive a confirmation email indicating that access was revoked.

Protocol / Personnel Roles:

Personnel are listed on an IACUC protocol if they are involved in animal work. These are separate from system roles as not all personnel may have the access to edit/submit protocols and subsequent submissions as described above.

If you simply need to remove lab members from the protocol who are no longer working with animals (e.g., remove a member from the personnel tab of the eform) and the user does not have system access roles (e.g., ability to edit and submit protocols in InfoEd), please email the ARC Team at [email protected]. For personnel removals only, an email is sufficient and a ticket is not required. 

Please see here for further guidance on submitting protocols in InfoEd.