May 2020 Research Notes Notice:

We hope this message finds you well and we wanted to be sure to communicate this important research administration systems announcement during this time. 

RAIS had previously communicated in January that the InfoEd Grants systems changeover from Coeus was scheduled with a date of July 1, 2020.   This changeover is being postponed indefinitely and any future implementation date is to be determined by OVPR and CIS.  The main reason for this is that ​we are reassessing and enhancing InfoEd live production modules for Conflict of Interest (COI) and Lab Animals before proceeding further with any grants work at this time. 

What this means for you

With the Forms-F implementation occurring as of May 25, 2020, this allows the research administration community time to train and transition for that changeover from Coeus S2S to submitting in the Federal sponsor systems (as previously announced in ERAF, Research Notes and the Coeus Proposal Listserv).  

Many departments have already been submitting in sponsor systems and are ready for the May 25th Forms-F change.  There will not be further transition to a new grants system at Brown, a month and a half later on July 1st.  We hope this relieves some burden for the time being as you can continue to perform all the necessary functions in Coeus (with exception of the S2S function being retired) without learning another grants system at this time. 

Again, as we move forward with a new grants system to replace Coeus, you will be kept informed and training on the new system will happen well in advance of the date the system takes over from Coeus.  Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.