Did a team member recently leave or transfer out of your department? If so, a CIS IT Service Center ticket needs to be submitted by their former department administrator or supervisor. To remove access, follow the steps below:

1. At the CIS IT Service Center page, be sure to click Log In before filling out any ticket or form.

2. Complete the Request type by including the words “Remove access” in the subject line, selecting ACCESS Request and choosing the COEUS Access Request as the subcategory.

3. Complete the rest of the deactivation request accordingly (fill out all required fields).

4. Be sure to click submit at the end and you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox that your request has been sent to CIS IT Service Center.

5. RAIS will receive the ticket request from CIS IT Service Center after the Center receives verification that the supervisor approves of this request and that all required fields have been completed. To check on ticket status progress, please see this article.

If someone transferred to another department, the new department administrator or supervisor should submit an access request ticket using these steps.

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