On October 20th, NSF will correct the display of UNKNOWN and 1900 in the high degree information that is currently displayed incorrectly on the Cover Page within FastLane.  

However, NSF has changed how it will display the High Degree field.  It will truncate that field at 6 characters.  As a result, any High Degree greater than 6 characters; e.g.,  Doctor of Philosophy, will display only the first 6 characters; e.g.,  Doctor.  In these cases, the complete high degree name is stored as Doctor of Philosophy.   We are working with NSF to resolve this issue.


Note:  Given the outstanding issue with regard to truncation of High Degree information, NSF proposals can be submitted directly through FastLane until this issue is resolved.

Please submit a Coeus/InfoEd Support ticket with any technical questions and contact OSP/BMRA pre-award to discuss preparation and submission of your NSF proposal.

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