The Manager Budgetary Balance Report (MBBR) is scheduled to be decommissioned on November 1st.

The Manager Budgetary Balance is the name of the MBBR’s replacement report; the new report name does not include ‘Report’.

Since this is a new report any saved filters on your MBBR will not be carried over to the new report; i.e., you will need to rebuild your filters in the new report.  We recommend taking a screenshot of any filters to assist with rebuilding the filters in the new report.

Similarly, if you saved the MBBR as a favorite, that link will not link to the new report and will need to be re-added once the new report is available.

We are currently working with the Workday Operations team on the job aid and related communication for this new report.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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