The Investigator Conflict of Interest certification question 1 in Coeus and on the Investigator Disclosures & Assurances Form has been modified.  The revised wording is noted below:

  • Have you filed a COI Reporting form within the last 12 months, as required by Brown's Conflict of Interest Policy for Officers of Instruction and Research AND is it up-to-date?

In addition, the print versions of the Investigator Certification forms have been updated as noted below:

  • Clarification of the term “Investigator”: "The project director or principal investigator and any other person, regardless of title or position (e.g. a full or part-time faculty member, staff member, student, trainee, collaborator, or consultant), who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of sponsored research."

  • Added a Print Name Line to Forms

  • Updated Policy Links in Forms

Where to Find the Updated Investigator Certification Forms in Coeus:

  • Investigator Disclosures & Assurances - this form is under the File > Print menu.

    • Used for all investigators that do not certify within Coeus.

  • Investigator Certification - this form is under Actions > Print Certifications

    • Used only if the Investigator answers the questions within the proposal record in Coeus.

Should you have a Coeus technical question/issue, please file a Coeus Support ticket.

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