Due to recent updates to Coeus Premium, Java 8 is the only Java version that will support Coeus Premium.  If you are on a prior version, you may experience an inability to log in to Coeus Premium. Please update today to ensure proper functioning of Coeus on your computer.  

Not sure which version of Java is on your Windows or Mac computer?  Please see this Java article  for information on how to check.

If you are not currently on version 8, please update your computer today:

  • Visit the Coeus login landing page.

  • Click the link to ‘Install Java 8’.

  • Choose accordingly- being a Windows or Mac  user. (Either version of Java 8 for x64 is acceptable.)

  • Be sure to click the ‘Accept License Agreement’ radio button so that it will download for you.

If you have questions on installing Java 8 on  your computer, please contact your department’s local Brown IT professional to assist with your specific needs. Each installation may be dependent on localized factors to your own computer’s operating system and your local network.

Should you have a Coeus technical question/issue, please file a Coeus Support ticket.

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