To align with the release of NSF’s new Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), NSF is updating their form packages to include new versions of the following forms effective 2/25/19: Senior Key Person Profile (Expanded) version 1.2 and Cover Page version 1.9.

The changes on each form are outlined below:

NSF Senior/Key Person Profile Form:

  • The "Degree Type" and "Degree Year" fields will be disabled on the NSF Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded) Form.

  • Brief guidance will be included on the form in place of the "Degree Type" and "Degree Year" input fields to direct proposers to to make degree information updates.​

NSF Cover Page Form:

The ‘NSF Cover Page 1.9 questionnaire’, which is used to populate the Cover Page, contains two new questions:

  • Have funding of an International Branch Campus of a U.S. IHE?
  • Have funding of a Foreign Organization?

These forms will be implemented in Coeus 2/22/19.


What does this change mean for you?

If you have an NSF proposal due on or after 2/25/2019 that you already have started a proposal shell for, you will need to take the following actions:

  • Do not answer the NSF questionnaire yet.

  • First, disconnect the NSF funding opportunity announcement (FOA) via the window.

  • Then, reconnect to that same FOA.

Once you reconnect to the FOA in the window and save, the new NSF forms will import into your Coeus application package and the new questionnaire 1.9 will appear, reflecting the two new funding questions.

This is best practice for all copied proposal records. Always disconnect and reconnect to the FOA on a copied PD record before answering any questions or making any changes. Doing so ensures you have the most up-to-date forms for your proposal.

Should you have any questions about this upcoming change, please consult your pre-award contact in OSP/BMRA or contact RAIS.

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