Currently there are four forms available for Coeus that are compatible for submission to solicitations by Federal sponsors. Some sponsor solicitations list optional forms that may be required due to inclusions needed on your specific proposal.  

The four available optional forms for S2S Coeus submissions include:

  1. PHS Assignment Request Form 2.0

  2. Project Abstract Form 1.2

  3. Attachments Form 1.2

  4. Budget Information for Construction Programs (SF-424C) Form 2.0

The forms must be downloaded directly from our web page:  
for Coeus Forms for S2S submissions.  

Forms from any other location online, previously saved to your computer, or sent to you by a third party are not compatible with Coeus and will result in failure to upload correctly. This may also cause errors and issues for your submission. Please use only the compatible forms available at our web page.

Should you need to use an optional form not available in our list of Coeus compatible forms, please consult with your OSP or BMRA pre-award contact to discuss non-S2S submission methods available for your proposal.

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