Coeus Online Class Now Available in Workday Learning + FAQ’s/Webinar(s)

We are in the process of transitioning Coeus classes to an electronic format in Workday Learning.  Currently, there is an online Coeus class available to take at any time in Workday Learning:

Coeus:  Navigating Proposals & Award Basics (online course)

Online courses in Workday Learning are available to all who wish to take them.  Simply enroll and take the course at your own pace. Online courses may consist of various videos, required and supplementary documents, and/or a quiz depending on the class topic.   Even if you have taken a course before, you can sign up again for the online version and return to it as many times as needed.

We encourage new hires who will be utilizing Coeus to begin with the online class listed above and we will be announcing other classes as they become available.  Further online classes are slated to be released for October 2018. Also search your Workday Learning worklet by topic to find classes as they are posted.

Other Available Online Learning- Coeus

FAQ and webinar videos are also available to address certain topics that have common frequently asked questions.  FAQ’s are posted at the Coeus Knowledge Center page and webinars are posted at the Knowledge Center’s Coeus Training page.

Guides (and video guides) for Coeus Proposal Development and InfoEd Knowledge Center are available at our website for reference and learning at your own pace.  InfoEd training classes are also available in Workday Learning.

Should you require in-person Coeus training, please contact [email protected] directly to discuss your needs.  

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