InfoEd Grants - Planning Phase Updates

RAIS is currently in the planning phase of InfoEd Grants which will eventually replace Coeus as the electronic research administration system at Brown.  We will be working on modules related to Grants- Proposal Development (PD), Proposal Tracking (PT) and Award Tracking (AT).

Proposals will be the first focus of development within the various modules.  We will be working closely with CIS, OSP, BMRA, ORI, other Brown offices, department heads and other stakeholders across the university as we continue to develop and configure this system.  We will also be working closely with Workday Grants during the Award phase of this project.

LA Update - Migration Underway

The Lab Animals migration from Coeus to InfoEd is currently underway with a target completion date of September 30.

  • All new/renewal protocols MUST be created in InfoEd.

  • If your active protocol has not been migrated to InfoEd and you need to process an amendment or administrative change, please contact [email protected] so that we can migrate your protocol to InfoEd PRIOR to processing the change.

  • If you have any InfoEd system related questions, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

To date we have developed and released both the InfoEd Conflict of Interest (COI) and Lab Animals (LA) modules.  Grants will be the next phase in the overall InfoEd Project. For more InfoEd Project information updates, please subscribe here.

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