New Yearly Notice from eRA Commons - “Annual Validation of Your Personal Information”

As part of eRA Common’s initiative to ensure your account is up to date, on the yearly anniversary of the creation of your account, you will receive a system generated email asking you to log into eRA Commons, click on the Personal Profile tab, and update any old or incorrect information. The message will read:

Subject: Annual Validation of Your Personal Information

Dear eRA Commons User,

This notification is a request for you to validate your personal information within Commons. Please login to Commons and select the Personal Profile tab. Please update any incorrect information.

For any further questions about this email, call the eRA Service Desk at 1-866-504-9552 or refer to for additional methods of contact. Please access Commons at

For more information please visit

The email will use the address listed under the Name and ID section for account-related communications, on your Personal Profile screen. Please ensure all contact information is current, employment information is up to date, and education information is accurate. If you are a reviewer, it also important to make sure Reviewer Communications and Reviewer Payments information is also correct.

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