The Sponsored Proposal and Award Activity by Investigator report was recently distributed to Department Chairs, Center Directors,  and Department Managers/Administrators.

This report includes all proposal and award activity for a department’s Investigators, including CO-Investigator activity for FY18.  For example, if a proposal was submitted through the Center for Advanced Material Research by an Investigator whose home department is School of Engineering, the proposal/award would be included on this report under School of Engineering.    Note: This report is distributed quarterly .

In addition, this report is available in Cognos Analytics.  Department Administrators with the appropriate Coeus and Cognos access can run this report on demand.  The report can be found in the following folder in Cognos:

(Log in) Cognos 8 Production > Sponsored Projects Reports for Departments > Proposal/Award/Expenditure Activity > Award & Proposal Activity By Investigator

If you have any questions on sponsored reporting please contact [email protected].

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