Support Tickets v. Access Tickets for Coeus and InfoEd

To ensure the timely handling of all tickets, please file the correct request type for your needs.  

Choosing the correct ticket type:

  • Coeus technical support requires the choice of ‘COEUS/INFOED Support’.  

  • Coeus access for someone new, or a change to roles access for an existing user, should be done via ‘ACCESS Request’

    • then choose sub-category ‘Coeus Access Request’

  • InfoEd access to a specific module, or roles needed, should be requested via ‘ACCESS Request’

    • then choose sub-category ‘INFOED Access Request’

From the Brown CIS IT Service Center ‘Submit a Request’ page submit the ticket type that matches your request.  Please check the various dropdown lists and radio button selections to ensure the correct type is chosen.

Choosing the correct type ensures proper handling of your request. Tickets of this nature cannot be transferred over to another type and must be re-started, adding time (and sometimes approvals) to your request.


Processing Times:

  • Support tickets are handled as quickly as possible during normal business hours, especially if the proposal is due to the sponsor the same day (this urgency should be noted when you submit your ticket).  

  • Access tickets are completed within 2 business days of RAIS receipt of the approved ticket.

  • Sponsor/Organization tickets are completed within 2 business days unless you specify the proposal is due to sponsor same day.

Please note:  All Access requests require manager approval from your supervisor and will not reach the RAIS team until your access ticket is approved by them. You will always receive an email receipt with your ticket number. Should you have questions about the status of your ticket, please contact the IT Service Center with your ticket number to inquire, 401-863-4357.

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