Due to the recent decrease in negotiated F&A changing from the prior 62.5%, PD records may show a negative under-recovery dollar amount if an older proposal is copied, the Rates Table is synced and then F&A is manually overridden with the 62.5% rate. Coeus will always calculate under-recovery (whether a positive or negative number) since it is looking for the difference between what is in an updated/synced Rates Table versus what might be manually overridden in the Rates Table.

If your proposal needs to use a 62.5% F&A for continuation outyears, an awarded revised budget, or any other scenario where the 62.5% will be awarded in outyears, we recommend the following methods:

Copy the previously submitted Coeus PD record and either:

  • Copy in the budget, but do not sync the Rates Table to update F&A rates. The old 62.5% will automatically pull in to that Rates Table and will not cause any negative dollars under-recovery to show.


  • Copy the PD record, but do not copy in the budget(s). When you begin your new budget, do not sync the Rates Table and the prior 62.5% rate will also automatically pull in for you. 

The method by which you copy a PD record to avoid negative under-recovery is entirely at your discretion as both methods work properly.  Should you have any technical issues or questions, please submit a Coeus Helpdesk ticket at the Brown CIS IT Service Center and someone will assist you.

Please Note: If you need to use the current approved F&A rates on a copied proposal, continue to follow the best practice on a PD copy by using the Sync function to update the Rates Table for your Coeus budget. This will then update the older copied budget rates with the current rates.

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