10/13/21: Workday Grants Management Dashboard – Improved Access

Beginning October 27, access to the Workday Grants Management dashboard will be modified to render based on your assigned award roles and no longer require prompting by award group to view data. 

The setup process for first time viewers on the dashboard will no longer be required.

Steps to access the Grants Management Dashboard

8/16/2021- Coeus Grants: Access and Roles- Removal for Terminations, Transfers, or Early Retirees

Coeus Grants: Access and Roles- Removal for Terminations, Transfers, or Early Retirees

If your employee has terminated, transferred to another department, or is moving into early retirement at the end of this year, now is a great time to review processes to ensure that their Coeus access and/or roles are properly removed.  (This also covers the Workday roles specifically related to grants- Grant Manager and Grant Financial Analyst.)  At the time of the employment change, be sure to submit the access ticket and note “removal” of access and/or roles. 

ERAF 1/26/2021: COEUS Narrative Not Uploading

Coeus will not accept documents over a certain size. If your Narrative or other document will not upload, we strongly suggest printing it to PDF to shrink its size. If this is still too big, you may need to do this twice. 

Following are the steps to print to PDF: 

1. Select a file in any application that prints and open it. 

2. Choose File > Print.

ERAF 11/23/20: Departments: Submitting a First-Time Coeus Grant Proposal

New departments, or existing departments that have never submitted a proposal through Coeus, will need to contact RAIS. RAIS will ensure that your department is set up correctly with the proper departmental and central office approvals. Proposal development (PD) records should not be created in Coeus until RAIS has completed this set up.

ERAF 9/28/20: Coeus: Methods to Avoid Negative Under-recovery on Copied Budgets

Due to the recent decrease in negotiated F&A changing from the prior 62.5%, PD records may show a negative under-recovery dollar amount if an older proposal is copied, the Rates Table is synced and then F&A is manually overridden with the 62.5% rate. Coeus will always calculate under-recovery (whether a positive or negative number) since it is looking for the difference between what is in an updated/synced Rates Table versus what might be manually overridden in the Rates Table.