ERAF 2/18/20: Info What? Read here for InfoEd training!

Opportunities for InfoEd training are available in several capacities as following:

  • InfoEd training videos can be found in Workday Learning

    • Log into your Workday Account and click the Learning icon

    • Search 'InfoEd' to find any classes or video materials pertaining to InfoEd topics

  • InfoEd training documents and guides can be found in RAIS’ Knowledge Center

ERAF 2/18/20: Online Coeus Training Available in Workday

Coeus Premium training is available online, 24/7, in Workday Learning.  

  • Log into Workday

  • Click on the Learning icon 

  • Click on ‘Search for Available Learning’ 

  • Search for ‘Coeus’ to retrieve all actively available Coeus online classes

Coeus Premium online classes can be completed at your own pace.  

ERAF 12/18/19: Who is the RAIS Team?

About Us:


RAIS currently consists of six team members providing daily services to the research community for all electronic systems and data overseen by OVPR and Workday Grants. RAIS delivers in-depth business intelligence solutions to the Brown community through reporting, visualizations, and workflow notifications for departments and senior management.

ERAF 12/16/2019: Forms-F Coeus to InfoEd Transition Timeline



    With the implementation of Forms-F next May 2020, this is the expected transition that will take place from Coeus to InfoEd Grants and what you may need to take action on ahead of that date. This will assist you in submitting proposals during the Forms-F interim period from Coeus to InfoEd Grants: 

    ERAF 10/09/2019: Coeus Proposals: Best Practices Tip- Coeus Premium vs. Lite

    As a best practice recommendation, we encourage anyone working on proposals to work exclusively in Coeus Premium. Some proposal functions are not available in Lite.  Coeus Premium has a complete and robust set of functions to address your proposal preparation needs.  (Lite is most often used by Human Subjects Protocol/IRB end users to view and work on protocols.)

    ERAF 10/09/2019: New- RAIS Report Request Ticket

    Have a report request outside the parameters of the reports you currently utilize?  Now you can simply create a ticket, fill in a few fields and submit the report request to the RAIS team. 

    RAIS will handle all future reporting requests by ticket. The tickets will allow RAIS to track requests, frequency and time to resolution. 

    To create a report request simply visit:

    To ensure that your ticket is submitted properly, be sure to log in first. Very important. 

    ERAF 8/22/2019: Important Notice to Coeus Users Regarding: New NIH Human Fetal Tissue (HFT) Requirements

    NIH recently issued NOT-OD-19-128 regarding changes to proposed Human Fetal Tissue (HFT).  Please see the notice for full details of the agency’s requirement changes.  

    Proposals including HFT costs will need to be submitted via an alternate submission method (Workspace/ ASSIST/other) instead of Coeus S2S.  (Due to the upcoming InfoEd Grants implementation in 2020, there will not be updates made to Coeus regarding this NIH HFT change.) 

    ERAF 8/22/2019: Coeus Update: Oracle Account Now Required for Java 8 Version Download

    Note:   If you already have Java 8 installed on your computer, there is no need to take any action regarding this.

    Coeus users who do not have Java 8 installed on their computer will need to download Java 8. Follow these instructions to download Java 8.  

    Due to the Oracle change, there is now an extra step required at the Java download page where it redirects you and asks you to sign in to an Oracle account.

    ERAF 6/14/2019: Best Practice Steps to Disconnect and Change a FOA in Coeus

    If you need to disconnect a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) on a record from a previously connected FOA, please follow the recommended steps listed below.  

    1. If you are copying a PD record, a message appears reminding you to disconnect the old FOA by using ‘Delete Opportunity’ from the window.


    Whether or not you are using a copied record, the FOA that is connected will appear in the record like this: