ERAF 4/16/2019: NIH Now Enforcing Error Validation on Attachment File Name Character Limits

NIH is now enforcing the following Attachment File Name Rule

• Save all document attachments with descriptive filenames of 50 characters or less (including spaces).

 The new validation will be part of the business rules checked by ASSIST or the Preview Grantor Validation if using Workspace.

For Coeus S2S Submissions, the Narrative Type selected is the file name that is used.


ERAF 2/18/2019: Referencing the Prior Submission in a Changed/Corrected Application to NIH

There are 3 fields in the Coeus record that capture details about the prior submission for a Changed/Corrected application:  Previous Tracking ID, Original Proposal, and Sponsor Proposal No.  Below are detailed instructions for each field:

Previous Tracking ID - This field must reference the latest tracking ID assigned to the proposal you are correcting.

  • How to locate the previous Tracking ID:

ERAF 2/18/2019: NSF S2S Submissions Update - New Versions of the Senior Key Person Profile and Cover Page Forms- Effective 2/25/2019

To align with the release of NSF’s new Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), NSF is updating their form packages to include new versions of the following forms effective 2/25/19: Senior Key Person Profile (Expanded) version 1.2 and Cover Page version 1.9.

The changes on each form are outlined below:

NSF Senior/Key Person Profile Form:

ERAF 12/20/2018: How to Update Senior Key Personnel Profile Information on System-to-System Submissions

The personnel table in Coeus is updated nightly with the personnel data from Workday. This personnel table automatically populates information on the Research & Related Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded) form; e.g., contact information, agency credentials, title.

To update Senior Key Personnel Profile:

  1. Navigate to the the Proposal Personnel Section - go to Edit > Proposal Personnel

  2. Select the person you wish to update and go to Edit > Person Details

ERAF 12/20/2018: InfoEd Project Update

Over the past year, the Infoed project team, in conjunction with members of the Offices of the Vice President for Research and Computing and Information Services, have implemented the Lab Animals module and began planning the Grants module (proposal development, proposals, awards) implementation.

Laboratory Animals Module Go Live:

The InfoEd Laboratory Animals (LA) module went live on July 16, 2018. All active protocols have been converted from Coeus to InfoEd and all protocol submission and review activity is being processed in InfoEd.

ERAF 12/20/2018: How to Validate and View/Print your Coeus Forms Before Routing for Review

A best practice to ensure the completeness and accuracy of your proposal, you should validate and view/print the forms in the Coeus window.  

When a proposal is linked to a Grants.Gov opportunity, Coeus will pull in all mandatory and optional forms affiliated with the opportunity. validations confirm that mandatory forms have completed data based on rules.  Note - *Agency specific validations are not run in ​Coeus.

Navigate to the Window: