ERAF 11/20/2018: Java 8 is Now Mandatory for Coeus Premium Users

Due to recent updates to Coeus Premium, Java 8 is the only Java version that will support Coeus Premium.  If you are on a prior version, you may experience an inability to log in to Coeus Premium. Please update today to ensure proper functioning of Coeus on your computer.  

Not sure which version of Java is on your Windows or Mac computer?  Please see this Java article  for information on how to check.

ERAF 10/19/2018: NSF Corrects Display of UNKNOWN and 1900 in High Degree Information on Cover Page

On October 20th, NSF will correct the display of UNKNOWN and 1900 in the high degree information that is currently displayed incorrectly on the Cover Page within FastLane.  

However, NSF has changed how it will display the High Degree field.  It will truncate that field at 6 characters.  As a result, any High Degree greater than 6 characters; e.g.,  Doctor of Philosophy, will display only the first 6 characters; e.g.,  Doctor.  In these cases, the complete high degree name is stored as Doctor of Philosophy.   We are working with NSF to resolve this issue.

ERAF 10/19/2018: Upcoming InfoEd Lab Animal Module Webinars

The Research Administration Information Systems & Reporting team and the Animal Research Protection Program team will host two webinars to go over tips and best practices when using the LA Module in InfoEd:


  • Creating and Submitting Administrative Changes, Amendments, and Continuations

  • Creating Concurrent Submissions

  • Locating Your Latest Approved Submission

  • Locating Thing to Do (Action Items)

  • Navigating Reviewer Comments

ERAF 10/19/2018: Replacement of the Manager Budgetary Balance Report

The Manager Budgetary Balance Report (MBBR) is scheduled to be decommissioned on November 1st.

The Manager Budgetary Balance is the name of the MBBR’s replacement report; the new report name does not include ‘Report’.

Since this is a new report any saved filters on your MBBR will not be carried over to the new report; i.e., you will need to rebuild your filters in the new report.  We recommend taking a screenshot of any filters to assist with rebuilding the filters in the new report.

ERAF 10/19/2018: New Award User Interface

The latest Workday release delivered a new award user interface to the View Award page. You will see a new, tabular view with all the essential award information always available on the award header.  When viewing an Award, the information will now be sorted by tab as shown below.

Award Header

Provides related Sponsor information for the award.


Click the Tab to display the associated Sub-Tabs.

ERAF 10/19/2018: Grants Management Dashboard for Investigators



The Grants Management dashboard in Workday is available to all Investigators with active awards. This dashboard displays real time information of an award's financial position and provides the ability to drill to award and expense details.  

Reports Included on the Grants Management Dashboard:

ERAF 10/19/2018: Reconnecting a Coeus Proposal Record to the Updated Opportunity

On 10/11/18, Coeus was updated to be able to process’s new S2S communication header.  

Action needs to be taken if you created and connected your Coeus proposal record to a opportunity on or before 10/11 and you are submitting it via S2S. You will need to disconnect and reconnect it from the opportunity to update the header.  If this is not done, your submission will fail.

Steps to take to disconnect and reconnect your Coeus proposal record from the opportunity:

ERAF 9/20/2018: Support Tickets vs. Access Tickets for Coeus and InfoEd

Support Tickets v. Access Tickets for Coeus and InfoEd

To ensure the timely handling of all tickets, please file the correct request type for your needs.  

Choosing the correct ticket type:

  • Coeus technical support requires the choice of ‘COEUS/INFOED Support’.  

  • Coeus access for someone new, or a change to roles access for an existing user, should be done via ‘ACCESS Request’

    • then choose sub-category ‘Coeus Access Request’

ERAF 9/20/2018: Sponsored Reporting Update

The Sponsored Proposal and Award Activity by Investigator report was recently distributed to Department Chairs, Center Directors,  and Department Managers/Administrators.