April 2020 - Research Notes Notice:

During this time of working remotely during Covid-19 concerns, RAIS is committed to continuing daily research administration systems support and fulfill sponsored projects reporting needs. 

Should you require technical assistance with the systems that we support, Coeus and InfoEd, please submit a Support ticket here by choosing 'SUPPORT: Coeus/InfoEd' from the dropdown menu. To submit an access, new or expanded role(s) request to Coeus or InfoEd, please use that same link, but instead choose 'ACCESS Request' and then choose the subcategory of 'Coeus' or 'InfoEd' and submit your ticket accordingly. 

To submit a request for special reporting needs, please choose a 'RAIS Report Request' ticket here by making that selection from the dropdown menu, completing all fields and submitting your ticket. 

You will still receive a confirmation email of your submitted ticket.  Please save that confirmation email should you need to reply and inquire regarding your submitted request.