Emerging Initiatives

Research initiatives  are identified interdisciplinary areas set forth by the Vice President of Research and leverage core research strengths and capacity of the university to address emerging and complex challenges of society. While emerging, initiatives build awareness and collaborations to attract partnerships and funding. If successful, they often evolve into centers, programs or institutes.

The Creative Mind Initiative capitalizes on Brown’s unique open curriculum and its interdisciplinary research and education culture and practice to afford a more porous environment for experiencing creativity.  More.

The Digital Society Initiative seeks to leverage the Brown culture, scale and interdisciplinary strengths from core computational disciplines to humanities and arts to impact all fields and areas of society and inevitably transform the culture and practice of research and education to meet demands of a digital world.  More.

The Energy Science Initiative at Brown is focused on coordinating Brown’s energy research and education activities at Brown across disciplinary boundaries to emerge innovative solutions for our nation’s energy challenges.  More.

The Environmental Change Initiative (ECI) at Brown is a broad interdisciplinary approach with scientists and students from the physical, life and social sciences as well as the public policy arena to address the urgent environmental problems that occur from local to global levels.  More.

The Global Health Initiative encompasses a wide range of practitioners and researchers across medicine, public health, biomedical research, social science, and engineering to provide sustainable solutions in partnership with communities and institutions in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.  More.


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