The Leduc Bioimaging Facility, open to all investigators, provides equipment and training dedicated to high-resolution imaging in the life sciences. The facility includes a Transmission Electron Microscope, a Scanning Electron Microscope, two Fluorescence Microscopes, a Fluorescence Stereomicroscope, three Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes, a Multiphoton Microscope, and software for image analysis. The facility also maintains equipment for sample preparation, including a critical point dryer, sputter coater, and microtomes for ultrathin sectioning.


1) Olympus FV3000 confocal microscope (status: installed 11/09/17).  Additional information

2) FEI Apreo SEM for serial block-face imaging (status: will be installed early Dec. 2017).  Additional information


The Leduc Bioimaging Facility is a Service Center in the Division of Biology and Medicine and is listed within CoresRI.org, a searchable directory of core facilities in Rhode Island.