Data Analysis and Data Back Up

The Flow Facility utilizes an external back up system, that automatically saves data at the end of the day. This is useful, should a problem occur with the machine, or with an individuals data (i.e. corruption of individual files).

Files and experiments will occasionally pile up on the DiVa software which causes the program to run at slower speeds. For this reason, every month, old experiments are deleted off the program, and saved onto the workstations hard drive, where it will be backed up at the end of the day.

Individual users are responsible for their own data analysis and backing up of data (either by transfer to USB Flashdrive or CD/DVD). The FACSAria cell sorter is run by a PC-based computer system. There is only one PC workstation with Diva software for data anlysis and/or for setting up sort profiles, which is connected to the instrument. The facility staff is available by appointment to assist in data analysis using the Flowjo software.