Listed are several protocols that may answer some typical questions.

The Cell Sorting Guidelines are basic instructions as to how to prepare your samples for sorting. The Flow Cytometry Guidelines are basic instructions for running samples for flow analysis that do not need to be sorted. Please keep in mind that it is still very helpful to filter your samples, especially samples that come from bone marrow or are clumpy cells lines.

The Fluorochrome Chart is a list of all the channels that the FACSAria IIIu can run. The colors listed are some of the more common colors used, and what corresponding channel they are run on.

The User Access Form will gather all your pertinent billing information. All new users must complete the User Access Form before any Flow or Sorting can take place.

The FACSAria IIIu Use Request Form is to be filled out for each experiment. It will be helpful to fill out what type of specimen you are running, what colors you will use, how many samples, and most importantly what type of biosafety level your samples are to be treated as.