Next Gen Sequencing

The Genomics Cores uses an Illumina NextSq550 sequencer in combination with Illumina v 2.5 sequencing reagents.

This system is a high throughput bench top sequencer that provides accurate fast sequencing data, and by employing flexible run configurations it can be easily adopted to a researcher’s needs depending on their required read length and sequencing depth.

Reagents are available in a mid-output and a high output mode resulting in maximum cluster numbers of 400 million (high output) and 130 million (mid output) clusters (reads).

The following reagent kits are available:

       Mid output

      High output


75 cycles

150 cycles

150 cycles

300 cycles

300 cycles

Each reagents kit contains extra reagents sufficient for possible index reads.

Each flow cell is a ‘single lane’ experiment which means that as soon as a researcher’s samples passed quality control the samples can be run on the sequencer as soon as it is available.

Before a run samples will undergo quality control, using the fragment analyzer for analysis of the libraries size distribution and to exclude adaptor contamination.  qPCR analysis will be used to accurately determine the absolute concentration of the samples.  Using this information sample concentration will be adjusted to the optimal concentration for clustering.

During each run a low amount of PhiX library will be included for quality control of the sequencing run.

Sequencing data can be delivered to a secure cloud location (Basespace) or to Brown’s super computer (OSCAR).

The cost per sequencing experiment is $ 190 plus cost for sequencing reagents.  The cost for quality control is not included in this price.  Please contact the director of the Genomics Core, Christoph Schorl ([email protected], 401-863-2875) for complete pricing.