Current Rates


Equipment User Fees as of FY19



     FY19 Internal Rates

External Academic Rates

Affymetrix* Array $27 $45
qPCR (Viia-7)* Run $9 $15
Bio-Rad, Qx200 Digital PCR Reader Sample $32 $52
Nano Drop One Use $2 $4
BioAnalyzer* Run $9 $15
Fragment Analyzer Run $22 $36
FACSCalibur Hour $12 $20
Cytation 3 Plate reader Run $2 $3
Gene Scanner (Model 4000B) Scan $16 $26
Licor Odyssey System Run $2 $4
Beckman Ultracentrifuge Hour $17 $27
Countess Cell Counter Slide $3 $5
Covaris* Sample $8 $13
Illumina NextSeq 550 Sequencing System - Assisted Use Run/Setup Rate* Run $190 $309
Hourly Labor Rate/Consulting Fee Hour $46


Updated 12/12/2018

*Additional fees apply for supplies.  These are variable costs.  Please inquire with the Facility Director. 

 Internal fees apply to Brown University researchers, Brown University-affiliated researchers (including MBL), and non-profit institutions located in Rhode Island. Commercial rates available, please inquire about prices directly from the Director of the Core Facility (Christoph Schorl, [email protected], 401-863-2875).


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