2013 Acquisitions


7 Pre-Columbian Artifacts - Anonymous

31 Taino Artifacts - Vincent and Margaret fay

50 African Artifacts - William C. Mithoefer and Renee-Paule Moyencourt

65 Photographs of Nepal & Tibet - Marcia R. Lieberman

3 Northeast Woodland baskets and a turtle carved by Joseph Hazard (Narragansett) - William Simmonds

2 Pre-Columbian stone figures from Costa Rica - Armand D. Versaci

23 Native American artifacts from North American and the Arctic & 5 Pre-Columbian artifacts from South and Central America - David Haffenreffer

Beaded Yukon - Koyakuk moccasins - Mary Bennett

1 Kamba & 2 Samburu artifacts from Kenya - John E Lukens and Thitiya Srikitjakarn

2 Pre-Columbian textiles, Chancay, Peru - Walter Feldman

Large Shipibo pot "humichomo", Peru - Barbara and William San Antonio

Trobrian canoe ornament, donated in honor of Dr. Robert W. Preucel - Dwight B. Heath and Anna Cooper.Heath

Postcard of "King Philip Rock" on top of Mt. Hope, pair of Iroquois infant beaded moccasins, pair of beaded child moccasins from Labrador - Patricia Sanford

Archives, 143 issues of Indian Trader Magazine - William A. and Michelle S. Tracy

67 artifacts from the Republic of Gabon. Collected by Mr. Tucker Peace Corps Volunteer, Gabon III Project, September 1963to September 1965 - Michael B. Tucker

8 Greenlander Eskimo/Inuit artifacts and an Alaskan Eskimo yo-yo - Robert & Judith Haig

Tongan tapa, collected by Lois Shapleigh circa 1978 - Anthony A. & Doris E. Walsh

Pair of Yoruba "ibeji" twin figures from Nigeria and a Ewe/Adan female figure from Ghana. Donated in memory of his father Alfred Decredico - Cesare Decredico

15 textiles from Indonesia, 4 textiles from the Philippine,21 textiles from Peru, 17 textiles from Bolivia and 6 textiles from Mexico - Dr. Paul Blum

Pre-Columbian jade axe-god pendant from Costa Rica. Donated in honor of their daughter Ruthanne Schwartz Fuller, Brown'79 - Marianne S. & Alan E. Schwartz

Olmec, Xochipala stone bowl, Mexico 1500-900 BC - Ann S. & Herbert L. Lucas Jr.


Haffenreffer Special Fund purchases

Two Ledger drawing of the 2009 and the the 2012 Presidential Inaugurations by Quinton Maldonado- Lakota.

Pair of beaded moccasins by Cheryl Minnema- Ojibwe

Two cornhusk dolls by Dawn M. Spears-Narragansett


Other purchases

Duala stool, Cameroon

Thai spirit House

Chinese shoes for bound feet

Bolivian "tourist" kero