2014-2015 Acquisitions

2014-2015 Acquisitions

Marcia R. Lieberman - 39 photographs of Myanmar

Bill and Michelle Tracy - 2 Filipino pottery vases from Tuao

Elizabeth Gebhard - Mi’kmaq birch bark box with porcupine quillwork

Dr. John Zwethkenbaum - 129 photographs by Salvatore Mancini 

Abbott Dressler - 2 Italian contemporary mosaics

Ann D. Pelletier - 6 Pre-Columbian ceramics from Peru (acquired 1957)

Latha Youngren - Statue of Ganesha from India, “Donated in loving memory of Tania Heyman”

Robert Ridgway - Painting “The Blue Warrior” by Richard Littlebear St. Dennis 

Virginia Stuart Howard - Aymara bag, Bolivia; Samoan Tapa textile, Polynesia

Edward Dwyer - Shipibo Janus ceramic vessel from Peru, “Donated in Memory of Jane P. Dwyer” 

Alison Collins Fay (Brown ’99) - 5 Taino artifacts and 2 Ciboney chipped knives from Dominican Republic 

Lauren Butler Fay (Brown ’01) - 10 Taino Artifacts from Dominican Republic

Dennis Scheffler - 272 Pre-Columbian and Colonial artifacts from Mexico (acquired 19…)

Cesare Decredico - 5 African objects, Yoruba, Ewe, Bamana and Yaka.

Barbara A. Hail - Painting “The Lost Child” by Charles Emery Rowell, Kiowa 

Diana Baker - 25 Bolivian textiles

Anonymous - Tairona Pre-Columbian gold spiral ornament, Colombia; Nyamwezi healing figure, Tanzania 

Patricia Sanford - Samoan, tapa textile, Polynesia 

Ron Millican and Laurie Heinaman Millican - Mambe, parak spirit mask, Papua New Guinea

Philip and Marcia Lieberman - 12 textiles from Myanmar and 2 Yak bells from Tibet

Dwight B. Heath and Anna Cooper.Heath - 279 artifacts, mostly Jewelry, weapons, furniture and household object, and ritual objects, from West, East and Central African Peoples

Mateo Romero, Cochiti Pueblo - Painting

BEQUEST: from the Lippitt family - A Melanesian carving from Papua New Guinea

TRANSFER: from the David Winton Bell Gallery - A mask of a Fierce God, 16th century, Japan (gift of Mr. and Mrs. Iwao Setsu in 1994); Figure of Osiris, 725-325 B.C., Egypt (gift of Alan S. Feinstein in 1980); 2 Untitled drawings, oil on paper, By Fritz Scholder, American (gift of Thea Westreich in 1991); 4 Roman glass vessels; a double balsamarium and 3 ungeuntaria.  Source unknown, but possibly from the Jenks Museum of Natural History collection.


“Chief Wahoo” Cleveland Indian beaded necklace by Steven Ferreira, Sault Ste Marie Chippewa

Dance sash, commissioned from J. R. Montoya, Cochiti Pueblo

Painting “Tewa American” by Bryon Archuleta, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo