Dig It! Discovering Archaeology

How do we know about the cultures of the past?  Dig it! brings an archaeological site to you for a down and dirtyexploration.  Students will participate in a simulated dig during which they will find and map a variety of artifacts.  After their investigation, participants will report their findings to reconstruct an archaeological site.  Take this opportunity to give your students a unique experience using scientific inquiry to understand the past.

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Educational Standards

Common Core

Teachers needing to meet standards will find that Dig It! addresses Common Core ELA standards by teaching students how to act like historians, use cultural objects as primary resources, “read” objects as evidence, and use academic vocabulary.  Reading, writing, and listening exercises included in the Dig It!  Discovering Archaeology curriculum packet cover additional Common Core standards.

Additional Rhode Island Standards

Historical Perspectives:  Standards HP 1(K-8)-1; HP 2(K-4)-3; HP 3(K-4)-2
Visual Arts & Design:  VA&D 1(3-8)-1a&c, VA&D 4 (3-6)-1b&c

Massachusetts Standards

Social Science: Gr. 3 standard 3.2; Gr. 7 concept 6
Arts: Visual Arts: 5.1
Science and Technology (3-5): Life Sciences: 8&10; Physical Sciences : 1